Clock Tower Market

Posted on December 04, 2017 by Andrew Kershman

Greenwich High Road (next to the Greenwich Cinema)
Twitter: @clocktower_mkt
Open: Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm

Greenwich has changed a good deal over the last 20 years, but while the Village Market and the old Car Boot Sale have succumbed to development, the Clock Tower Market remains very much as it was back in the day. The courtyard is open to the elements, but the traders are hardy bunch and there’s always a reasonable selection of collectables, antiques, vinyl, jewellery, books and vintage fashion to sift through at the weekend.  The customers tend to be quite a mix – young students from the University looking for cheap vintage fashion, rub shoulders with elderly couples on the hunt for an antique spoon or watercolour to add to their collection.  

The market is a great place to look for interesting jewellery and there is always a good choice of books, vinyl, CDs and DVDs for those that have steadfastly refused to go down the digital route for their entertainment.  A good few of the traders are regulars and there’s a friendly atmosphere and plenty of banter with some opportunity to haggle as long as you make a reasonable offer. The market is just a few minutes from the main Greenwich shopping area and well worth visiting – who knows you may find a bargain.


This is a feature taken from our forthcoming book:
London's Markets 
by Andrew Kershman

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