Museums & Galleries of London

Retail Price: 11.99
ISBN 978-1-902910-74-1

With more galleries and museums than any other city in the world (we include 156 of them), London has rightly been called the cultural capital, not just of the UK, but of the world. Wondering where to start? Then look no further - there isn’t a better way to get stuck into the dizzying array of culture on offer than with this pocket-sized companion.

Every review has been catalogued by area, making exploring both your own backyard and uncharted territory all the easier and more enjoyable. You won’t want to miss these places on your travels, and with this book as your guide, there’s no excuse not to dive headfirst and get a little lost in the Museums & Galleries of London.

Author: Eve Kershman

Format: 304 pp, w105mm x h148mm


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